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Relexin Flower Pollen Extract (60 capsules) | ProVantex Prostate Supplement*
BioAdvantex Pharma
Relexin Flower Pollen Extract (60 capsules) | ProVantex Prostate Supplement* BioAdvantex Pharma

Relexin Graminex G63 Flower Pollen Supplement includes key ingredients, such as beta-sitosterol, selenium and vitamin E, providing added support for overall prostate health. Buy Today at!
LivingFlora Probiotic Complex (30 Cyro-Tabs)*
Pure Essence Labs
LivingFlora Probiotic Complex (30 Cyro-Tabs)* Pure Essence Labs

Acidophilus and Supporting Probiotics. Designed to provide the entire digestive tract with a guaranteed one billion living cells of comprehensive probiotic support.
Chem-Defense (62.8 mg 45 tabs)
Source Naturals
Chem-Defense (62.8 mg 45 tabs) Source Naturals

Chem-Defense is a nutrient blend formulated for persons with chemical sensitivities. Recent scientific research indicates that molybdenum a trace mineral that activates the enzymes aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase may provide necessary nutritional support for chemically sensitive individuals. Chem-Defense contains Glutathione (GSH) & Ribolflavin as well as Molybdenum Chelate.
Chem Defense (90 Tabs)
Source Naturals
Chem Defense (90 Tabs) Source Naturals

Chem Defense by Source naturals is a nutritional supplement specially blended for those who have experienced sensitivity to chemicals.
I started taking Max 3 before I took chemo and radiation for uterine cancer.Max 3 helped to minimize the bad side effects of the cancer treatment.I've been cancer free for four years and maintain with four IP6's a day.
This is a great product my wife takes it to help reduce her cholesterol and I take it to help with my recovery from chemo and radiation treatments it helps very much with my joint aches and energy level.For the first year after treatments stopped I took 3 teaspoons and day and now I take the recommended dosage.
The tea was a recommendation of a family member who had a wonderful history to relate. My husband has been fighting cancer for 7 years. As of late it appeared we were having trouble managing the cancer and the side effects of the chemo. Our grandson also heard stories from another sorce on the help this tea gave in the fight against cancer. He purchased the tea for us and ask us to give it a try. The side effects of the chemo lessened within 2 weeks. His tests are coming out better and we hope for further good results. The use of the tea is easy to fit into your schedule, doesn't interferr with conventional medical practices and really doesn't taste bad either. We looked up your company on line and purchased additional supplies. My relatives in PA and NV were so impressed they too are now ordering from you. My Uncle in Pa started out with 12 bags
Cinsulin with Insea2 and Cromi Nex 3 (90 vegetarian capsules)*
Life Extension
Cinsulin with Insea2 and Cromi Nex 3 (90 vegetarian capsules)* Life Extension

Enhanced Cinsulin with Glucose Management Proprietary Blend - Studies reveal that even active, health-conscious adults can experience higher than desired blood sugar levels as they age.
After only a few weeks, I began to notice an amazing glow to my skin. Also, I have a friend who had undergone chemo therapy. Later, after she was recovered, I noticed that she glowed. After telling her about Camas Prairie Tea, she told me that she had been using it regularly. Also, there is a book called Beyond The Zone. In it is an entire chapter on the benefits of this tea (not the brand, but rather the four herb blend). It is enough to inspire anyone to use it. It indicates that it is very safe and that the benefits only increase with use.
This product came highly recommended to help boost healthy cells and as an aid during chemotherapy to increase its effectiveness. After a diagnosis of prostate cancer six years ago, which I chose not to treat medically and a diagnosis of Stage 4 SCC 18 months ago(treated with chemo and radiation; I believe that IP6 Inositol, Dr. Shamsuddins,is the reason my prostate cancer has not spread and a major benefit during my chemotherapy threatment for a very agressive cancer. I have had no surgery, only lost 20lbs(ten gained back) and with a persistant diet program in order to maintain strength and weight even my doctors are surprised after a year of no signs of cancer and my energy returning. I would highly recommend obtaining his book and reading all the possible benefits - I specifically recommend the powder as it is easily disolved in water and offer better absorbtion.
Best Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid featuring BioEnhanced
Doctor's Best
Best Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid featuring BioEnhanced Doctor's Best

Best Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid featuring BioEnhanced Na-RALA can be useful for enhanced cardiovascular health, in support of antioxidant activity and maintaining healthy glucose metabolism functions. R-Lipoic Acid also assists a variety of systems, such as, helping to support healthy arterial function, helping to maintain healthy weight as part of a healthy diet, and supporting healthy lipid metabolism. The recently discovered potential to help maintain healthy weight in conjunction with wise dietary and lifestyle choices may be another mechanism by which it supports cardiovascular health.
I had my prostate removed in January 2001 because I had cancer. I had no radiation, and no chemo, just the radical prostatectomy. The PSA went down to 0.02 right after the surgery but has slowly risen ever since. In the spring of 2009 it went rose to 1.11 and in July it went up to 1.80 the highest it has ever been by far. My doctor suggested a change in my extensive supplement regiment. She increased my dosage of EGCG (an extract of green tea) and vitamin D3, and had me take dry vitamin E, zinc and vitamin B12 in addition to all the other supplements I've been taking for years. My PSA went down to 1.50 in August and stayed right there again in October. Then she suggested Equiguard about 2 or 3 months ago. So far so good. My last PSA test went down to 1.32. In the nine years since my surgery this is the first time I've had 3 PSA tests in a row without an uptick in the numbers. I am very relieved. We'll see if this new downward trend continues in the months ahead.
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